Working Out for a Cause: How CAZ Training Club Makes Working Out Rewarding

Working Out for a Cause: How CAZ Training Club Makes Working Out Rewarding

by Martin Villa

There are health and personal benefits that a gym membership can bring into your life. When you start attending a morning gym regularly, chances are you are starting down the road to a physically healthy lifestyle. The camaraderie is energizing; even the muscle soreness makes you feel more alive. But did you know that at CAZ Training Club your workout can also reap rewards that will help others?

CAZ Training Club is a group circuit training studio where members regularly break a sweat through intense workouts designed to help make the world a healthier place. That’s why at the beginning of each month, CAZ sets a collective calorie goal for the studio, identifies a charitable organization focused on health, and then fires up its crew to meet the goal. The payoff is not just the health rewards gained by its members — CAZ then gives back a percentage of the month’s revenue to that charity. For CAZ members, however, the best part is that the more they improve their health, the more they know they are making a difference in the world.

“The Give Back” business and workout model started in November 2019, when CAZ first opened its doors with the purpose of combining group fitness with a “give back” model that would help to combat the high obesity rate in the United States. Founded by Connor Burris, Anthony Puterman and Zac Walker, the three health-conscious entrepreneurs immediately set up CAZ to generate funding that would enable it to lend a hand to other health-focused organizations with a similar mission of giving back to the community.

“We wanted to do something that allows everyone to truly work together and see the growth of the collective total calories burned,” Connor says. “We want to provide an amazing workout environment, community and experience, all while making every drop of sweat count towards something bigger than yourself. Working out is hard enough; that’s why we added that little extra motivation of giving back.”

Although the COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges over the past few months, CAZ has been able to support eight different organizations since opening, including those fighting human trafficking, children’s health, and family wellness. And this October, CAZ will help Poppy Life Care programs supporting autism, ADHD, anxiety and depression.

So, this October 4, make 2020 a better year by giving your weekend workout a bigger purpose. Join CAZ Training Club at 11 AM PST as we burn calories for Poppy Life Care in support of our mission to help people with ASD, ADHD, anxiety and depression! Visit to get sweaty for a cause!