New Study Shows Mindfulness Therapy as Effective as Anxiety Medication

New Study Shows Mindfulness Therapy as Effective as Anxiety Medication

The results are in and studies show daily mindfulness techniques offer the same anxiety and depression relief as prescription anti-anxiety medications.

On November 9, 2022, researchers at JAMA Psychiatry published the results of their study comparing the anxiety-relieving properties of mindfulness therapy with the generic drug form of Lexapro, one of the major antidepressants used by psychiatrists.

In the study, patients were divided into two groups—one took anxiety medication, the other practiced mindfulness. Patients in the mindfulness group were guided through 2½ hours of meditation each week and tasked with practicing the same techniques on their own for 45 minutes daily.

In as little as two months, researchers found that both groups experienced a 30% decline in anxiety symptoms, demonstrating the incredible potential of mindfulness to control some of our worst anxiety and depression symptoms.

Anxiety continued to improve equally in both groups over the following four months, continuing the promising trend shown by the initial results.

For Poppy Life Care wellness experts, the results of the study are affirming but not surprising.

As a holistic mental health provider, Poppy Life Care has taught mindfulness practices to help patients cope with mental health concerns for years and has seen firsthand just how mindfulness can improve the quality of life for patients struggling with their mental health.

The benefits of mindfulness often exceed generic drugs. Mindfulness teaches self-reliance and self-discovery, allowing patients to overcome adversity in ways that prepare them to deal with life’s complex challenges.

At Poppy Life Care, we offer science-backed mindfulness techniques and strategies to teach individuals and families how to cope with mental health struggles like autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other health concerns. As mindfulness experts, we help patients build support within themselves and their communities, fostering growth with the wellness tools individuals need to flourish.

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