Dealing With Road Bumps On Your Personal Health Journey

Dealing With Road Bumps On Your Personal Health Journey

By Isabel Nguyen

It’s hard to work on yourself. Whether you have been trying to exercise more, improve your diet, decrease anxiety, be more mindful, or something else, it takes a lot of effort and the only person keeping you accountable is you. It can be especially difficult when you feel like you’re no longer progressing, or even regressing. When you reach this point, it can be tempting to give up. But it is more crucial than ever to soldier on. Here are some points that may motivate you to hang on.

Progress is Not Linear

On our personal health journeys, it is important to remember that progress is not always on an upward trajectory. It fluctuates. Sometimes it declines because of an unfortunate event, the loss of a loved one, or bad news, and sometimes it declines for no reason at all. Sometimes, your progress falls flat. Either way, your health can improve again. The next time you feel discouraged, remember this and have patience and compassion for yourself.

Gain A New Perspective

Improvement isn’t always seen in large leaps and bounds. Small victories should be recognized too. If you have anxiety and you have a week without an anxiety attack, celebrate this. If you’re working on your diet and turn down an unhealthy food item in favor of something healthier, recognize this and give yourself a pat on the back. Sometimes it can be difficult to notice little improvements. In that case, you can journal how you feel everyday to appreciate positive moments.

Try A New Approach

If you’re no longer seeing improvement with your current regiment, consider trying something new. A new approach may help you see progress again and/or reignite your motivation. If you’re focusing on your physical health, try a brand new exercise routine, exercising at a different time of day, or even exercising with loved ones.

Regarding healthy eating, try a different diet or new recipes. You can also try viewing your diet as more of a lifestyle or an opportunity to try new foods rather than a restriction on your choices. For example, try acknowledging how satisfying and sweet fruit is rather than mourning the loss of sugary treats like ice cream.

If your journey is mental health-related, there are more paths to wellness than ever before due to increased interest in recent years. As you may have heard, yoga and meditation can reduce stress, encourage mindfulness, and improve overall well-being. A more nuanced approach is music therapy. Music therapy can serve as an emotional outlet, improve confidence, and encourage socialization when done with a group. You can even consider looking into foods and supplements that support your mental health through a nutritional program.

Connect with Loved Ones

Loved ones can be a shoulder to lean on when times get tough. They can lend an ear to you, offer advice, and be comforting and supportive. Feeling socially supported also improves mental wellness overall. So don’t be afraid to reach out to your loved ones! They are there for you.

Consult A Life Coach/Therapist

Finally if you haven’t already, consider reaching out to a life coach or therapist. They can provide insights on your personal health journey and offer advice you haven’t thought of before. They can also push you to keep working on yourself and be one of your biggest cheerleaders.

Good luck on your personal journey and keep pushing through!

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