Hoag Programs

Hoag Programs

The Poppy Life Care Foundation, our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, has partnered with the Melinda Smith Hoag Center for Healthy Living to provide multidisciplinary services for families living with autism, ADHD, anxiety and depression.

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Melinda Smith Hoag Center for Healthy Living

Melinda Smith Hoag Center for Healthy Living

The Melinda Smith Hoag Center for Healthy Living has taken personalized care to an unsurpassed level among Orange County, California health care providers. Since 1952 they’ve carried out their mission to serve the local community by providing health care services of the highest quality.

Nutritional Poppy Life Plan

Nutritional Poppy Life Plan

Integrating healthy eating habits and nutritional foods into our lives is crucial for both better physical and mental health. The connection between nutrition and optimal brain health can be strengthened through dietary changes that are both simple and delicious. Though the process to achieve these changes can be difficult, support is available to help you start the road toward a more nutritious lifestyle, improve gut-health issues, thereby reducing emotional outbursts. to mental health, behavior, mood and the ability to focus.

Learn how food impacts focus, sleep and energy

Implement healthy recipes and eat mindfully

Receive nutritional supplement guidance

Improve gut-brain health, reducing emotional triggers associated with Autism, anxiety and depression

Volunteer Opportunities

We are paving the way to education and care programs and looking for candidates who want to join us in making a difference. Candidates should excel in fast-paced environments, express a willingness to learn, be passionate about what they do and ideally have a strong background in education, business, non-profits, or startups.

Nutritional Classes

various fruits vegetables and grains on a table

Four-Week Class

Children ages 7-17 years old

Various legumes and lo sugar vegetables and two fillets of fish

Eight-Week Class

Adults ages 18 to 45 years old

Two jogging weights almonds a fillet of salmon and an avocado surrounded by a measuring tape

One-on-One Coaching

Parents must be present