RVN Television’s The Advocates Features Poppy Life Care Founder Erica Solis

RVN Television’s The Advocates Features Poppy Life Care Founder Erica Solis

On February 15, 2023, Poppy Life Care Founder & CEO Erica Solis was featured on RVN Television’s The Advocates, where she was invited to speak about Poppy Life Care’s groundbreaking efforts to increase access to mental and physical holistic health services for patients of all ages and backgrounds.

The Advocates, co-hosted by Al Cini and Mark Iorio, showcases leading innovators and entrepreneurs whose work promotes the collective good of society, offering creative solutions to common problems. 

In the episode, Erica Solis discusses her work in the fight against the opioid epidemic and the events that lead to her founding Poppy Life Care, introducing audiences to the holistic philosophies that guide Poppy Life Care’s wellness programs and services. 

Chronicling the organization’s rapid growth over the years, she highlights the current mental and physical health challenges affecting patients and how Poppy Life Care’s services have expanded to incorporate a wide range of science-backed holistic services to treat common issues like ADHD, depression, anxiety, and physical health concerns.

Highlighting Poppy Life Care’s recent accomplishments, co-hosts join Erica in a discussion of alternative medicine and the clinical evidence behind wellness therapies like meditation, yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, and other holistic approaches, which have improved outcomes for patients with chronic health conditions.

Backed by an experienced team of wellness experts, Poppy Life Care provides holistic health services to help patients overcome mental, physical, and emotional health challenges. Our wellness therapies offer personalized solutions to reduce drug dependencies and promote sustainable health practices, providing compassionate care and guidance for patients of all ages.