New Partnership Brings Free Legal Aid to Special Needs Families

New Partnership Brings Free Legal Aid to Special Needs Families

by Martin Villa

Newport Beach, CA (May 22, 2020) – Poppy Life Care has partnered with the Inclusive Education Project (IEP), a non-profit organization that provides legal advocacy and education to families of children living with a disability to bring those services to Poppy Life Care clients.

Amanda Selogie, ESQ., co-founder of the Inclusive Education Project, started the non-profit to educate families on their legal rights to their child’s education, and to offer free legal support to low income families in California. “Education was a missing component for many families with children who were either disabled or living with some level of special needs,” says Selogie. “My colleague Vickie Brett and I knew that helping these families navigate the complex laws and access the benefits they are entitled to, would give them the best chance of success not only in school, but also in life.”

According to the organization’s website, guardians of special needs students now require attorney assistance through the long and complex processes that are necessary for a disabled child to obtain access to a free and appropriate public education.

Poppy Life Care Founder and Executive Director Erica Solis met IEP Founders Selogie and Brett two years ago when organizing industry speakers for a Poppy Life Care-hosted event. “I felt a kinship right away with them,” says Solis. “A passionate focus on bringing education and resources to special needs families is the cornerstone of Poppy Life Care’s mission, and IEP was completely aligned with us in that regard. Special needs families encounter so many legal-related challenges; I hoped for the day that we could partner with them to impact the lives of Poppy Life Care families in that area.”

In addition to Special Education support, the Inclusive Education Project also helps its clients with Affirmative Immigration services through Family Petitions, U Visas for victims of crimes who have suffered substantial mental or physical abuse, and more.

About Poppy Life Care Poppy Life Care is a United States non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is determined to educate and empower children and parents living with children’s health issues related to spectrum disorders, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. PLC serves families living with these daily challenges and supports not only awareness but therapies and education, reducing the dependency on prescription drugs, and eliminating stigmas through interdisciplinary programs.

Our goal is to facilitate awareness and education while building innovative care programs, which we hope to accomplish alongside our local communities, its businesses and people. We believe in helping each other as part of an ecosystem of local businesses, healthcare groups, academic institutions and professionals alike. For more information visit

About The Inclusive Education Project The Inclusive Education Project (“IEP”) is a non-profit organization that educates families on special education rights and connects qualifying California families with pro bono legal aid for Special Education and Affirmative Immigration support. IEP seeks to spread awareness of parent rights by providing parent workshops and seminars. IEP also fundraises through charity events to fund pro bono legal aid to California children and families that could not otherwise fund legal representation. We are here to make a difference, one child at a time.

To learn about legal advice services available under IEProject, consult the “Special Education” and “Immigration” sections at:

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